NEWS: Mthandeni did not pay Lwah Ndlunkulu for hit song “Paris”

Mthandeni did not pay Lwah Ndlunkulu for hit song “Paris”

Mthandeni did not pay Lwah Ndlunkulu for hit song “Paris”

Big Zulu claims he didn’t receive a cent after his artist, Lwah Ndlunkulu featured on Paris by Mthandeni “Igcokama Elisha” for free.

The Nkabi Records boss revealed to Sunday World that there was no formal agreement between him and Manqele when he asked to feature Lwah Ndlunkulu in the song.

The aforementioned song was one of the biggest SA songs in 2023, yet Big Zulu and his artist received zero cent.

“Sometimes as artists we do each other favours for the sake of brotherhood and unity. Now it seems Mthandeni is not keen to work with Lwah Ndlunkulu again because of the runaway success of the song,” said the Imali Eningi hitmaker.

“What can we do? I am happy for Lwah Ndlunkulu anyway, because her rise and success reflect the hard work we put in behind the scenes at Nkabi Records.”

Lwah did not attend the Paris Song of The Year celebration event, and she was defended by the music star.

However, Ndlu Nkulu explained why she was not at the event after her timeline got flooded by questions from her followers who wanted to see her and Mthandeni perform Paris together on stage.

“I see you are all breathing down my neck asking why I am not at Mdletsheni.”

“To put you out of your misery, I called Mthandeni several times but he would not answer my calls. Instead, his phone was picked up by his dancers.”

“So, I can’t just up and go to an event to perform for mahala [for free]. Remember [that] I am signed under Nkabi Records and there are protocols to be observed,” she said.