NEWS: Big Zulu Buys Truck & BMW as Birthday Gift

big zulu

Big Zulu Buys Truck & BMW as Birthday Gift

While many people would expect Big Zulu to celebrate his birthday by throwing lavish parties and indulging in the most expensive wines, the singer is instead interested in investing in other productive ventures. For his birthday, he buys himself a truck and a BMW car.

Haulage business is one of the most thriving businesses in South Africa. While it comes with its own challenges, it does has some great return of investment and for a artists, this is the type of businesses they should be throwing their money on because the entertainment industry can be fragile and fame isn’t guaranteed to last that very long.

Born born 7 April 1986, Big Zulu is one of the most biggest rapper and songwriter in South Africa. The artists has amassed millions of streams on his catalogs and continues to make significant progress in both the local and international music scene.

“NGises’Congweni” is his latest album and it is currently one of the ranking project in the country.

Big Zulu