NEWS: Between Portable And Asake – Who Do You Think Is Richer?

Between Portable And Asake – Who Do You Think Is Richer?

Between Portable And Asake – Who Do You Think Is Richer?

Among these rising stars, Portable and Asake have become notable figures, capturing the hearts of music lovers with their distinctive sounds and captivating performances. As their popularity continues to soar, fans and observers alike have found themselves pondering the intriguing question of who is richer between Portable and Asake.

So in this article, we are going to be delving into their net worth estimates and exploring their respective career trajectories, we can then uncover which artist emerges as the wealthier individual.

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Who is Richer Between Portable & Asake?

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A few of the main points we will be judging Who is richer between Portable and Asake on are;

Portable Net Worth

Portable has an estimated net worth of $700,000 (equivalent to N294.2 million in Nigeria), primarily accumulated through his music career and brand endorsement deals.

This financial success has afforded him a luxurious house in Lekki and an impressive collection of cars.

As one of Nigeria’s fast-rising music artists, Portable gained significant attention in 2021 after the release of his hit track “Zazoo Zehh.” Today, he joins the ranks of young artists with astonishing incomes.

His net worth of $700,000 enables him to acquire some of the high-end cars and homes commonly associated with celebrities like himself.

Asake Net Worth

Asake’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $1.2 million. The talented musician boasts an opulent lifestyle, with a house located in Lagos State and a collection of luxury cars, including a Range Rover Velar and a Lamborghini.

Asake’s considerable wealth has primarily been accumulated through his highly successful career as a musician, driven by some of his biggest hits such as “Sungba” and “Lady.”

Having established himself as a prominent figure in the Nigerian music industry, Asake’s name has become synonymous with rising musical talent. His songs consistently dominate various music charts, and he has swiftly risen to prominence as one of the country’s fastest-growing musicians.

With hit singles like “Omo Ope,” “Sungba,” and “Mr. Money,” the 28-year-old Afropop singer is rapidly cementing his position as one of Nigeria’s wealthiest musicians. Let’s delve into some key facts that shed light on how Asake has achieved such a remarkable net worth.

Portable House

In terms of his assets, Portable purchased a house in Sango Ota, Ogun State, joining the league of celebrities who own properties in that area.

Though details about the house are scarce, Portable expressed gratitude to God for making him a

Asake House

Asake is the proud owner of a lavish property situated in Lagos, Nigeria, valued at millions of Naira. The news of his prestigious acquisition was unveiled through a post on his Instagram page.

While the interior details of this opulent mansion were not disclosed, there is widespread speculation that the single-storey house commands a staggering worth of hundreds of millions of Naira.

Portable Cars

In addition to his house, Portable has acquired a collection of luxury cars.

Toyota Camry

Portable Zazu Camry

Land Rover Range Rovers

Lexus ES 330

Benz G-Wagon (Brabus B)

In summary, Portable biography, Portable’s net worth of $700,000 has been driven by his successful music career, endorsement deals, and live performances.

With a growing fan base and a thriving brand, Portable has established himself as a prominent figure in the Nigerian music industry, amassing wealth and acquiring prestigious assets along the way.

Asake Cars

Asake, the talented YBNL signee, has indulged in the trappings of wealth, acquiring a fleet of luxury items, most notably, his impressive collection of cars.

Notably, he possesses a Land Rover Range Rover, which was prominently featured in a video commemorating his recent acquisition of a mansion.

Reportedly valued at over N150 million, Asake’s SUV brand stands as a 5-door compact luxury crossover SUV, boasting a front-engine design and a four-wheel drive layout. The lavish vehicle exudes both style and performance, perfectly complementing the artist’s elevated status in the entertainment industry.

Portable Endorsements

Endorsement deals also played a significant role in Portable’s rise to financial prosperity. He secured lucrative deals with notable brands, including an N50 million endorsement deal with Odogwu Bitters, owned by Nigerian billionaire Obi Cubana.

Portable and Obi Cubana

Furthermore, Portable entered into an endorsement deal with Sujimoto, a prominent Nigerian construction company.

He recently just signed a deal with Unique Motors, and also a deal with Sex enhancement company, Ekielma Wellness.

Asake Endorsements

As with many artists in Nigeria, Asake significantly boosts his income through lucrative brand endorsements. Notably, in 2022, he achieved a remarkable milestone by securing a multimillion-naira ambassadorial deal with Roqqu Pay, a prominent cryptocurrency firm.

Although the precise figure of the deal was not disclosed, sources suggest that it amounted to tens of millions of naira, further solidifying his financial success.

The same year brought yet another prestigious endorsement opportunity for Asake, as he was appointed as the first Nigerian brand ambassador for the renowned betting platform, Parimatch.

Recently, Asake also signed an endorsement deal with Cubana Chief Priest’s new herbal bitters drink called “DGeneral Bitters

These endorsements serve as a testament to Asake’s rising star power and appeal, attracting prominent brands seeking to align themselves with his popularity and influence.

List of Asake’s Endorsement Deals:

  • Roqqu Pay
  • Parimatch
  • DGeneral Bitters

How much Portable Charges Per Show?

When it comes to his earnings per show, Portable reportedly commands between $3,000 and $5,000 depending on the nature of the event, having hosted over 25 shows to date.

Portable Performing

How much Asake Charges Per Show?

To book Asake for an event, the starting range of his fee typically falls between $7,500 to $14,999.

Asake Basquiat Lyrics

It’s important to note that this fee serves as a general reference and may vary significantly depending on recent changes in his popularity, which could lead to price fluctuations far beyond the aforementioned range.


In conclusion, whenever the question of riches arises between Portable and Asake like Who is richer between Portable and Asake?” or “Is Portable richer than Asake” then the simple and direct answer is  ASAKE IS RICHER THAN PORTABLE .

Because of reasons like Asake’s net worth is $1.2 million and Portable’s own is $700,000, and in terms of other assets like houses or cars, Asake is far ahead of Portable.