Lil Yachty Joins Lil Baby In His Opulent Habits On “SaintLaurentYSL” Quotable Lyrics



hty’s “Nuthin’ 2 Prove” project is upon us.

Lil Yachty chose his collaborators for with Midas precision. On “SaintLaurentYSL,” Yachty and Lil Baby take turns operating the lint roller on each other’s fleece apparel. Yachty in particular brags about having an early (sartorial) jump on building his YSL  collection since the age of twelve.Lil Baby’s recent form on Drip Harder with Gunna has seen his rise profile rise to a tier of rappers with unisex appeal, similar to his fashion sense at a furtive glance. On “SaintLaurentYSL,” Lil Baby honors his mentor Young Thug, in his adulation for the Yves Saint Laurent luxury brand. CuBeatz & EarlThePearll, the team responsible for “SaintLaurentYSL’s” bass-boosted levels, have come out of nowhere (CuBeatz in particular) to supply the current wave in hip-hop with multilayered production perfectly suited to a post-trap era.

Check out “SaintLaurentYSL” and the rest of Nuthin’ 2 Prove, in the very interest of staying up to speed with the Joneses.

Quotable Lyrics:

Still duckin’ Feds ’cause I heard they lookin’ for me
Got a hundred Dracos in the hood, I run up, homie
Walk around with all this jewelry on, they will not take it from me
And them packs came from the West Coast, that’s how we get the monies.

-Lil Baby

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