NEWS: Slik Talk Clashes With Dj Maphorisa


Slik Talk Clashes With Dj Maphorisa\

Slik Talk wastes no time in roasting our local celebs. Today, he turns his bazooka towards the camp of Dj Maphorisa. In a short video posted on his official YouTube channel, SlikTalk Lambasted Dj Maphorisa, calling him a ugly and talentless producer who hides under the stars of others to shine.

He further added that Dj Maphorisa should be thankful for Kabza De Small and the Amapiano wave else he would be at a local bar doing the gwaragwara dance. Dj Maphorisa wasn’t the only one who received it hot from Slik Talk, Busta 929 also collected stray bullets.

Watch the full episode below.

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