NEWS: Makhadzi – “I don’t want SAMAs anymore”

Makhadzi – “I don’t want SAMAs anymore”

Makhadzi – “I don’t want SAMAs anymore”

Makhadzi exudes frustration and pain on Twitter after performing at the South African Music Awards 2022.

The star’s performance was highly anticipated by viewers but people got disappointed on Sunday night due to the poor sounds and limited time.

The Limpopo-born singer explained to her fans in a now-deleted tweet that she was trifled during rehearsal which also reflected at the event

“I know the meaning of rehearsal is to make everything perfect before the due date of the show. But for me, a rehearsal was to make me feel like I don’t deserve to be in the industry. And I don’t deserve the love I get from my fans. I rehearsed with a cell phone on the stage to get my choreography. I asked to rehearse with the camera guys so they could read my moves no one listened to me.”

“I asked for smokes and fireworks. They promised but never delivered. But I remain a queen.”

Makhadzi says SAMA doesn’t value her talent, hence the ill-treatment, as they also refused Mr Brown from performing with her.

The singer lamented about the awards too, as she believes they played dirty.

“The award I got was a blessing from my ancestors. I am sure the person who changed the name will be fired tomorrow. I don’t want SAMA awards anymore.”

The star says she might resolve to satisfying her fans on YouTube as they appreciate her more.

“I remember complaining, and someone said don’t talk too much; they will block you. How can you block me from going to the studio, shooting a music video and uploading it on YouTube for my fans? We sing for people who are mature enough to pick the songs they wanna listen to.”

“I don’t forget that my breakthrough came with Matorokisi. The song was recorded in a back room in Mokopane and uploaded on YouTube, not TV. You will never force people to listen to what they don’t want… Unfortunately, you can close all doors. I am not just a South African, but an AFRICAN. AFRICA IS MY HOME.”

“This industry has a tendency of [saying] what happens behind the scenes to remain behind the scenes. But yo it’s just too much. We don’t do music to be abused bathong this industry is cruel.”

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